Welcome to the show everybody!

This is the first episode of the Re-Brand of The Jai Sugrim Method to The Art of Aging Mindfully!

On this episode I talk about a handful of things which include:


1.   The Rebrand and how comfortable it feels to be dialed into my niche!  

2.   The arch of my professional career: I am sharing what I have gleaned from  28 years of professional experience, first as a Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, and then as a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach. Lots of juice and the feel of life was experience through powerful one on one connections with my clients. 

3.   I Explain the meaning of the phrase we train to master our own mind

4.   I talk about the importance of prevention in aging

5.   The power of mindset in aging 

6.   The Art of Aging Mindfully as a Community


The phrase “we train to master our own mind” refers to the idea that we should strive to control and direct our thoughts, rather than being controlled by them. This means not being a slave to our desires, the sensations of the body, or external temptations that can pull us away from our sense of inner balance and clarity. Instead, we should train ourselves to focus our minds and cultivate positive patterns of thought that can lead us towards a more fulfilling and interesting life. This may involve practices such as yoga, breath control, meditation, or other mental disciplines that help us to develop greater control over our thoughts and emotions. By mastering our own minds, we can better navigate the challenges of life with grace and clarity, and find greater happiness and fulfillment in the process.

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