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On This episode I will discuss 4 aspects to running in my 40's that include:

1.The Challenge of Running in my 40's

2. The Reward of Running in my 40's

3. The Camraderie and Sense of Community that come from Running in my 40's

4. Running as a Spirtual practice – running towards your highest self/soul

The joy of running in my 40s is connected the feelings of fun, accomplishment and freedom. It's as though I've saved some youth for old age hahaha! Lately, after having paid the price for getting in shape I feel like I'm soaring through the clouds, my feet barely touching the ground.  The feeling of being alive and in the moment is overwhelming and exhilarating. Although it's challenging to run in my 40s because of the physical and mental fatigue I often experience, I still push myself to keep going, to reach new heights and to reach the finish line. I'm proud to be able to keep running, even when the going gets tough.

I hope this podcast will inspire you to to lace up (unless you're already on the same page as me) and begin training the heart, lungs and blood vessels with some great cardio! Spring is on the way and it's time to get moving.

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May it bring You Insight!


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