Welcome back, dear listeners, to episode 41 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast. This is your host, Jai Sugrim, and today I want to delve into an important topic, one I've titled “The Question AI is Asking Us.”

In these transformative times, we are witnessing an unprecedented acceleration of technological advancement, specifically in artificial intelligence (AI). As we move forward, I propose we use AI's computational power as a mirror, reflecting the most authentic versions of ourselves back to us. We can do this by analyzing our personal data in a health-oriented way.

Our data, detached from emotions, stands unbiased and non-judgmental. It doesn't care about our feelings, it doesn't favor a narrative; it's just raw, objective information. By assessing this data, we can gain unique insights about our physical and mental health, allowing us to work on specific areas of improvement.

With AI as our tool, we can continue to evolve and grow alongside it, utilizing its objectivity to answer the age-old question: “Who am I?” In reality, we are all beings of body, mind, and spirit, a unique fusion of the material and the ethereal.

There's an enchanting possibility that consciousness isn't secondary to matter but is rather primary, and from it, matter arises. If so, then all of matter, including us and the AI we develop, might be imbued with consciousness. We are more connected to our world and to each other than we've ever realized.

Let's embrace this journey of co-evolution with AI. Let's seize the opportunity to know ourselves deeper than ever before. Let's harness the computational power of AI to get healthier, clearer, and wiser. Stay tuned, and as always, keep aging mindfully.

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