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This episode of the podcast is a 25-minute guided relaxation, that you follow along with, as you lay down on the earth. The guided experience will help you to relax, while you remain aware. The language patterns that are used are based on the “I am Brahman” mantra, which brings the spiritual seeker in touch with their Divine Essence.  Vedics and Vedantins call it “Aham Brahmasmi”

You will go extremely deep into the subconscious mind, on this shavasana. This is an opportunity to let go of fear, and develop true Self Confidence based on understanding your true nature.

7:42 — If you wish to jump right to the guided relaxation go to 7:42

This is a 25 Minute Experience — Plan accordingly

Make sure you are in a safe, stable place when you listen to this episode. Do not drive a vehicle or operate heavy equipment.

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