Hey Everyone,

Today's show is all about The Art of Energy Management.  I will share 8 tips that you can use to have more energy in your day, week, month or year. 

 In the Art of Energy Management we must learn: 

  1. To have the perfect morning, or (a fluid start to the day)
  2. To Optimize for stellar cognition and brain health
  3. To Get great sleep, 7 – 9 hours of rest
  4. To to hydrate the body and stay hydrated
  5. Learn To Coil and express our Energy (taking breaks)
  6. To remember to focus on things that are within our control
  7. To Eat the right amount of food, at the right time
  8. Remember the power of the breath, and breathe properly throughout the day, to stay energized, relieve stress and stay in the moment

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