On Today’s podcast, I share 5 doors, that open with the practice of meditation.  These are levels in our consciousness. By doors, think of “5 Worlds” or “5 Ways of Perceiving” or even “5 Realms”. 

I became a seeker early on in life.  As a young fella, I simply kept asking question after question, and all of my inquiry brought me into new unfoldings within myself, stage by stage, step by step, breath by breath, to the ultimate life practice of mediation 

Quieting the mind opens Five Doors:

 1.     The Door to The Spiritual Sky

I lead students to an out of body place called the spiritual sky, which I learned about from a book by Robert Bly called “Iron John”. From a higher perspective our problems are not so personal.  We each suffer in a unique way with our worries and woes, yet as spirit, we are all on the path home,  to our own heart.  While way up high in the spiritual sky, we learn to that our suffering is not that personal, and that everyone else is struggling as well. We forgive and embrace ourselves when we touch float through this etheric realm.

2. The door to Infinite Life

There is a freedom to life that opens up when we release our fear of death. Our every action and thought matter in this life when we open up to the implication that soul that transmigrates, across the ocean of birth and death, repeatedly. 

3.  The Door to “The peace that passes all understanding”

Meditation will exercise and strengthens our Pre Frontal Cortex in the brain.  This helps us with impulse control.  Impulse control and sticking to a goal, through the painful parts of discipline will yield a new type of satisfaction.   We attain profound levels of peace when we are less tempted to waver, by our lower drives.

4. The Door to Interpreting Totems or Symbols

One is gifted a special vision once one is firmly established in a consistent meditation practice.  There are signs all around us. We can learn to decode and apply the meaning of these symbols in our day to day lives.

5. The Door In between Dimensions,  or the door to different timelines. 

This is the ability to download information from other realms, and the door that opens, when you decide to change the current path you are walking. 

 Meditation is a capacity of mind that is available to everyone.

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