Hello Everyone, Welcome to the podcast. Episode 39 is all about the destabilizing effect that committing to a long term spiritual practice can have on our lives. This recurring destabilization for the long term spiritual aspirant is often challenging, but tied to immeasurable personal growth, and long term positive changes. 

The title of this show is called The 108 Funerals of The Spiritual Aspirant and could easily be called the 1008 and Funerals… because on the lifelong path of yoga or any spiritual discipline, there many tiny changes.   

When we go deeper, and release something from our past that was holding us back, we change, we evolve, and it’s like that old part of us, that was attached to a negative tendency dies, and we must acclimate to a new way of being. Over a long time, we can experience many deaths to the different aspects of our ego and personality. 

Life is inherently destabilizing, think of experiences like the death of a loved one, divorce, or loss of one’s job and income. 

The difference between normal folks and spiritual folks is that the spiritualist will often engage challenging practices on purpose or swing the ax of destruction into their lives in order to learn. When we do this consciously it is called SADHANA.

This work is arduous, lonely and at times gut wrenching. 

On This episode I'm not going to trample on the process of Spiritual Maturity or Personal Growth, and I’m not going to necessarily promote any one safe way to go about a long term spiritual practice.  Instead, I’m here as a realist and as your cheerleader.

My main goal today is to cheer you on and encourage you through the tough, destabilizing times, and to acknowledge and illustrate through the use of personal stories, that SOME INCREDIBLE GROWTH CAN ARISE FROM THE HARD ENTERING INTO THE UNKNOWNS, THE VOIDS, AND EXPLORING THE DARK SIDES OF OUR NATURE. 

I will also have many integration tips sprinkled throughout the storytelling, so that you may structure your own practices in as healthy a way as possible. 

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