Hi Guys, welcome to the podcast. In the debut episode I talk about the time when I was 25 and 26 years old and I worked for the Championship New York Yankees. I was The Massage Therapist and Healer for the team for two years and travelled full time with the squad. It was a huge huge adventure, and provided some valuable life lessons at a time when I was still being shaped into a man. 

 Here are 6 things I learned at a young age, while working with The New York Yankees.

1.     KISS Keep it Simple Stupid -Simplicity is Purity

2.     Come Back Tomorrow– losing is part of life, come back to win the next day 

3.     You Gotta have Antenna 30 feet out of your head -everything is energy
4.     Just Shut Up and work hard when you are young– be humble and train consistently

5.     Be HUNGRY– have energy in your eyes

6.     Ice Water in The Veins– We train to master our own mind 

My illustrious career has allowed me to build incredible connections with interesting, healers, scientists teachers and guides. Stay tuned for subsequent episodes, where I have discussions about the process of cultivating mastery. The Jai Sugrim Method, is all about living the best life possible, by modelling excellence and training positive habits. 



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