Energy Clearing Shamanic Bodywork

While interacting with the world and others we can get exposed to toxic energy. Our bodies keep score… Many of us retain negative vibrations in the musculoskeletal structure of the body. Traumas of the past are often held in the shape of our body posture and patterns of breathing.

Jai’s hands-on healing uses deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, linguistic re-framing and breathwork to extract negative energy from the body. By working with his client’s breath, and with touch, Jai accesses extremely deep & dark spaces, to shine the light of healing and integration.

Energy Clearing Shamanic Bodywork is best done in a 5 session package, over a specific period of time, for optimal mind-body-spirit alignment.

Each session has a clear focus and intention.

Mapping the Territory

This session is a full body deep tissue massage that cleans the tissues of toxins and identifies blockages that are particular to the client’s life journey, and personal development.

Strong Boundaries, Solar Plexus Chakra: Abdominal Wall, Psoas and Legs

The session fortifies the energy of the third chakra, Manipura. It helps the client to prioritize taking care of themselves, while negotiating with others in the world, in a respectful manner to both parties. It is at this energy center where we learn how to say the “healthy yes” when collaborating, or communicate a “respectful no” if the situation does not serve us.

Fears be Gone

The third session palpates muscles that contract when humans are experiencing fear: The SCM, The subscapular fossa of the armpit, the psoas, and the QL. By using linguistic suggestions, breathwork, trigger point therapy, and concentration, we extract fear and old memory patterns from the body.

Compassionate Mind, Intelligent Heart

This session focuses on connecting the energy of the heart (compassion) so it merges with the energy of the third eye (wisdom). By linking these two chakra points with touch, and some elevated linguistic suggestions (n.l.p,) the session allows one to embrace and trust their intuition.

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