Welcome to Episode 42 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast, where I guide you through the fascinating world of Robot Yoga Teacher Training (RYTT). In this episode, I break new ground, embracing the symbiosis of technology and ancient yoga practices. I describe how the intersection of technology and yoga can contribute significantly to our spiritual growth and mental wellness.

In our exploration, I detail a comprehensive curriculum that trains robots in understanding human physiology, adapting yoga philosophy, using modifications, and addressing data privacy and ethics. We delve into how the heart of yoga philosophy can be encoded into machine learning models, preserving the essence of yoga while integrating the benefits of advanced technology.

By the end of the episode, you will understand how the modern era is fostering a new level of collaboration with machines. Together, we explore this exciting new frontier, merging eternal wisdom with technological advancements, as we enhance our journey towards mindful aging under the guidance of Robot Yoga Instructors. This episode is a glimpse into the future of yoga, one where advanced AI and eternal wisdom walk hand in hand.

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