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On this episode of the show, I have a discussion on Psychedelic Therapy with The hosts of the Men Talking Mindfulness Podcast, Will Schneider and Jon Macaskill.

We discuss the importance of set and setting if one is to try psychedelics. You want to have a good “mindset” and be in a safe stable place, with guidance if available.

Each of us shares our personal history with psychedelics, as well as how they are tools for learning, and as such should be respected.

We all came to psychedelics late in life, and as such had a fully developed brain, as well as a foundation of discipline to stand on. Self-discipline allows one to more readily integrate the teachings of psychedelics into one’s life, practically.

Everyone also agreed that there is a line between use and abuse with all things, and that awareness should be brought to the boundary between these two approaches to psychedelic use.

Enjoy the episode and please share with anyone who would benefit from an enlightening conversation!

Conversation Starts at 8:50

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Enjoy and share this episode!

May it bring you insight and peace! 


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