Online Coaching

Coaching is conducted one-on-one in hour-long sessions via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. In our initial assessment we agree on a clear goal for our work, defining several markers of success to be met along the way. Everything we do is tailored to your needs and individual constitution, and is regularly examined as we continue our work together.

The path to transformation begins by taking that first step…

Coaching is available in the following areas:

Health and Fitness
  • Achieving and maintaining healthy body weight through movement practices
  • Discovering and implementing an appropriate nutrition plan for each client’s
  • Improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance
  • Rehabilitating clients through injuries or neurological degeneration
  • Designing sport-specific training programs for optimal conditioning
  • Learning how to maximize training and taper properly during pre-season, in-season and peak performance
  • Neurological conditioning via sport-specific movement
  • Re-framing injuries and how to mindfully approach the rehabilitative process
  • Reducing performance anxiety and slumps and increasing focus under pressure
Yoga and Meditation
  • Establishing where and how to begin a practice
  • Learning mindfulness and meditation and how to share them with your community
  • Helping teachers with sequencing and class structure
  • Practicing pranayama – breathing techniques – for optimal health and stress management
  • Reducing performance anxiety and slumps and increasing focus under pressure
Men’s Health
  • Building a lifestyle that supports endocrine/hormonal health
  • Learning about the power of polarity in inter-gender dynamics
  • Finding the right blood tests to explore relevant health biomarkers and interpreting data
  • Aging gracefully & adapting training for each new decade of life
  • Developing optimal posture for effective communication
  • Transforming your passion into your job
Flow States
  • Learning meditation and breathing techniques for sharpening perception
  • Eating for optimal recognition
  • Understanding energy management and rest
  • Personalizing your triggers for getting into flow