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On this episode I speak with Jonathan Rosenthal, M.D. to learn more about how yoga practice affects the brain and how the brain affects yoga practice. This was a fun, educational conversational that allowed me to learn more about the effects of my practice.  If you like learning, this episode will be yummy food for your big brain.

A bit about Jonathan:

Jonathan is a resident physician at NYU School of Medicine. He graduated with a Summa Cum Laude Bachelor of Science in Neural Science from NYU’s College of Arts and Science, and an Accelerated 3-Year MD from NYU’s School of Medicine. He views science and math as sophisticated languages for distilling the simple from the complex, and loves sharing his excitement for these fields. 

After years of practicing and refining his studentship, he strives to share the tips and tricks he has learned to help students build their understanding. He believes that understanding is the goal, and tests are just a measure of understanding. The successful academic path is paved by placing the focus on understanding, not memorization, and removing any obstacles that impede the measurement of understanding (e.g. test anxiety). 

He has been tutoring since 2010, and currently tutors biology, chemistry, physics, math through calculus, ISEE, SAT, ACT, and MCAT. He is available for virtual tutoring, and has worked with students all over the world.

As a yoga teacher, Jonathan has studied with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City since 2011. He completed his 200 hour certification in June 2013 and has been teaching at the Dharma Yoga Center since. He includes mindfulness practices in sessions to improve student resilience, outlook, and performance.

Jonathan’s Website:  https://jonathanrosenthalmd.com/
Instagram: @neuroyoganyc

Show Notes:

What is Neuroscience? 10:57

Yoga and Neuroscience: 19:04

What is FMRI? 20:56

Brain Energy: 29:30

Neuroplasticity: 31:31

Questioning truth using science and trials: 45:25

Yoga and Aging: 1:08:45

Vagal Tone: 1:00:10

Yoga and Creativity: 1:10:00

New Medical Technologies: 1:19:03

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