Hello Everyone!!! 

Welcome to the podcast! On this episode I speak with Jon Macaskill and Will Schneider. These men have an amazing and inspiring podcast called “Men Talking Mindfulness”. They broach some really interesting topics and are creating new openings and ways of being for Men. 

Jon is a retired Navy Seal Commander, and Will is a NYC Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Their energies combine in a beautiful way, when discussing the path to maturity. This was a balanced and symmetrical conversation between two really developed Men. I learned a lot about the ways they practice staying sharp and in their power. 

Enjoy and share our enlightening conversation!

Show Notes:

Examples of Masculine Men: 6:40

Discarding that which no longer works 24:43

Discipline in Life/Rites of Passage 30:15

Changing from a Boy to a Man 40:00

Hard and Soft Practices 47:00

Acceptance of Death/Legacy 59:40

Men Talking Mindfulness Podcast: https://mentalkingmindfulness.com/

Will Schneider Website: https://willnotfear.com/

Jon Macaskill Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonmacaskill/

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www. jaisugrim.com


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