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On Episode 35 of the podcast, I speak with one of the great yoga teachers of our time, Jeffrey Villaneuva, on “The Influence of Ashtanga Yoga on Our Lives.”

The Ashtanga Yoga Method is a very vigorous, effortful practice that builds a lot of devotion in the practitioner who takes to it, consistently.   Jeff and I are steeped in continuous practice, and on this episode we riff on the what we've learned from the longer arch of our personal journeys. 

Listeners can expect honesty, realism, and inspiration from this conversation.

Jeff is an inspiration to me for his devotion, and self discipline.  He's also a very kind, soft spoken and charming guy whose spirit shines when you interact with him.  Enjoy the journey of this episode, with two gristled, old Ashtangis, who bow to the power of daily practice. 

You can follow up with Jeff
on his Instagram: @jeffreyvillaneuvayoga

Start of Conversation: 11:55

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