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Welcome to the podcast everyone!This week's show is called “Celebrating 48 years of life.”As I approach the milestone of 50, I wanted to share some life lessons that I've gleaned from life, so far. This episode will be particularly useful to those around ages 35 – […]
Welcome to the show friends!On this episode I share 10 tips that can help you with mastery of the yoga postures:Seek guidance: Work with a qualified yoga teacher who can guide you and offer feedback on your practice.Consistency: Regular practice is key. Set aside a specific […]
Welcome to the podcast everyone!On This episode I will discuss 4 aspects to running in my 40's that include:1.The Challenge of Running in my 40's2. The Reward of Running in my 40's3. The Camraderie and Sense of Community that come from Running in my 40's4. Running […]
Hey Everyone,Today's show is all about The Art of Energy Management.  I will share 8 tips that you can use to have more energy in your day, week, month or year.  In the Art of Energy Management we must learn: To have the perfect morning, or (a fluid […]
The spiritual practice of non-attachment is a key concept in many Eastern spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and Yoga. It involves letting go of attachments to material possessions, relationships, and even ideas, in order to achieve a state of inner peace and mental flexibility. […]
Hey Everybody! Welcome to The Art of Aging Mindfully podcast. Today's episode is all about the wisdom of The Grand Pronouncements, also known as the Mahavakyas. These key statements are considered to be the essence of Hindu philosophy and spirituality, providing us with profound truths about the […]