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It’s Monday, April 25th, 2022. I ran the Brooklyn Marathon yesterday and on today’s episode of the podcast, I describe the psychology of marathon running. I discuss four aspects of a marathon from 1. WHY (why do we attempt the impossible?) 2. The process of training, 3. The type of head it takes for the execution of the goal on race day, and 4. Integration of the experience into one’s life going forward, after the big race is done.

3:52 — Start of the Story!!!

1. Why Did I sign up for the Brooklyn Marathon?

  • I wanted to get back into my own lane, after a year of exploring politics and the culture wars.
  • I wanted to prioritize my highest desire over my lower desires. My highest desire is to bring people together. 

2. What was the Preparation and Training like?

  • I relied on guts, positive male aggression, and muscle memory because of a short training period. I usually like at least 10 months of training for a marathon
  • I had to embrace the challenge of training in winter for this marathon
  • I intentionally chose hardship, as a way to strengthen the personal discipline muscle! 

3. Execution of the goal

  • Race day is a battle against yourself, you are outrunning your shadow, limiting beliefs, and lower drives. The competition is with yourself, not other runners.
  • You are certainly going to hit the wall, you know this in advance. What will you do, when your body gives up, will you find a way to persist, or will you quit?
  • One has to connect to the energy of steadiness and think long-term. It is a journey and a process, like life, and in no way is it an explosive sprint. 

4. Integration of lessons learned

  • I am open to the marathon not being my ideal distance, it is perhaps 13.1 that is the run I will continue to engage with in the coming years
  • I immediately downgraded my weekly mileage to 25 miles per week on Strava, to favor the integration of yoga and cross-training into my weekly program.
  • I want to be able to run for one hour straight, with good form, a few times per week, for as long as possible, going forward.
  • -Running is going to be a part of my life, but not my whole life. It becomes one’s whole life when one begins to log a lot of miles.
  • Heat removes impurities from the mind and body.

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