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Episode 29 is all about Exploring The Possibility of Reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the belief that a soul or spirit can be reborn in a new body after death.

On this show I explain karma, and its relationship to the cycle of birth and death.

My Motivations for Talking about Reincarnation Include:

  • The Half Marathon I just finished at West Point was an inspiring death practice

  • It was connected to liberation, when I finished the race.

  • Someone died in the flames of my effort, it was the person with the limiting belief

  • The Philosophy of reincarnation can bring the mind into a subtle place. 

  • We need peace right now on the earth, and spiritual practices demand that the practitioner become peaceful rather than wait for peace to be handed out from a top down paradigm

  • Spirituality for me is bottoms up, ALWAYS

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