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On This Episode of the podcast, I take a deep dive into conversation with the musician and guide, East Forest.

We speak at length about the creative process, the power of psychedelic ceremony, appreciating the spirit of nature, how we learn, the role of nada yoga in the awakening process, and the uniqueness of our times.  I walked away learning more about an old friend and feeling inspired to be of service to my fellow humans during a transformational time on the earth. Yoga, music, and psychedelic therapy can create a catalytic shift in consciousness and behavior change when combined in the right set and setting.

You will enjoy this fun, laugh-filled conversation!

About East Forest:

East Forest is an internationally known teacher and composer with millions of listeners. His works and collaborations include Ram Dass, Google, Johns Hopkins, TED, and the Yale Psychedelic Science Group, among others. eastforest.org

For online journeys and ceremonies at Journey Space:


East Forest Music on Spotify:


East Forest on IG: @east forest


Time Stamps:

3:14 Start of conversation

10:10 How do You come back to center, when life throws ya off?

19:30 How do you characterize your work, are you a shaman?

24:13: Do you have teachers?

48:38: How do you know how to dose someone

52:20 The Role of Ceremony and Ritual

59:10 We (as a species) have some work to do

59:20 Nada Yoga and the creative process

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