Hey Everybody, Welcome to the podcast. Today’s Show is all about developing a spiritual practice that you can lean on.  This topic is very dear to me, and really opens me up energetically
 Times are fast, tough, and confusing, but simultaneously filled with opportunities for growth, abundance, and peace of mind. Everything is happening all at once and it's all about what you tune into. It's about learning to adjust your vibratory frequency. 
 On This Episode of The Art of Aging Mindfully I:

  1. Define what is a spiritual practice and give some clear examples
  2. Talk about why we develop spiritual practice
  3. Share my views on how a spiritual practice helps us to get through tough times.
  4. Talk about preparing to start a spiritual practice, including creating sacred space, setting intentions, and understanding rituals and their purpose
  5. Share some examples of Actions that lead to Direct Experience
  6. Talk about enjoying the journey of the spiritual path, including embracing the ups and downs of life

Enjoy the episode!!!
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Enjoy and share this episode!

May it bring You Insight! 


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