Find your tribe, in 2021

Between political polarization, economic contraction, financial inequality, the ongoing news cycle, quarantines, and algorithms that know us better than we know ourselves, it’s easy to feel alone and overwhelmed.  We can transcend our growing isolation with reflection and positive action. The people you want to meet are active, and trying to find extra dimensionality in their lives. With the right mindset, you will meet one another. There has never been a better or more rich time for you to find your tribe. It all begins with your intention and focus.

2020 brought out our “true colors”, and showed each one of us our sticking points. We see so clearly now, where we could use more strength, more discipline, more focus, and more softness. We have also learned that we can listen more deeply to one another and can hurl less vituperation. We saw our dark side under the stresses of 2020, and can now address it. We also learned about our boundaries and what types of people we should avoid, especially if they are not willing to work towards living a positive life.

I nicknamed 2020 the year of clear vision during December of 2019, in preparation for the New Year’s Celebration.  What clarity it has brought. Since March I have developed an extra “spider sense” for reading peoples hearts, their values, and how they wish to live.

You must find yourself first

One major benefit of a personal spiritual practice is the shifting of ones identity from the outer reality (my body, my job, my bank account) to the subtle plane (I am eternal, the universe is abundant, I offer kindness and acceptance along with my skills).  Spiritual awareness prioritizes treating ourselves and others with love, for at the core, we are only one spirit, one being. With self knowledge, compassion rises in the mind. This softening of the personality and shift in identity causes one to hold an attractive vibration. The energy and frequency of peace can be perceived and respected in others, if it is resonant inside of yourself first.

Spiritual awareness brings a mental flexibility to one’s consciousness, that adds possibilities and power to important decisions. For example, many people have relocated to new homes in an adaptive response to the recent shifts in the American housing and job markets. If one is fixed and attached to life “being a specific way”, (like the way it was), then our options and are limited. After 25 years in New York City I was able to shift gears in March of 2020 and adapt to living the way I grew up, on a farm in a rural community. This return to my roots gave me great joy.  The world  opened up for me to re-connect with nature and animals, as I had done in childhood, and I hopped on the opportunity.  

Make peace with Your Family

Our family gave us the body, and we should be grateful for it! Now, as adults, we are having the opportunity, in the here present moment, to shape our own lives. No one’s path is without struggle.  With time, we come to know that experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions is part of life’s journey. When we harbor resentment towards the family we are from, we walk around with a gaping wound in the heart. Often, there is a sense of shame, for having been born into a group that should have know better, or could have acted better. It is important to realize that we are animals that were living in caves not too long ago. If you look deeply into the childhood of your parents and the way they were raised, it is possible to have some perspective and forgiveness around their personal journeys. When we accept our parents as they are, we free ourselves from the weight of the past.  We let go of shame, on the day we realize that no family is perfect. It is important to start taking responsibility for our own lives, as we accept and let go of negative accumulations around the family constellation.

Share your best skills

We evolved in small tribes of approximately 150 persons. This is the number of social relationships we are able to mentally keep track of, nourish, and maintain trust and with. In these small tribes each person contributed something to the welfare and betterment of the larger group. Our brains are wired to work together. Modern city living has propagated the cult of the individual, where we became used to shopping at whole foods, and ordering goods from Amazon.  Think deeply, in 2021 about your unique gifts, abilities and talents. Then make a strategy for bringing them to market and sharing them with others in your tribe. This way you bring something of value to the party.

What new skills would you like to learn?

I am learning to write better, message more clearly, listen deeper, collaborate more, teach with extra patience, and adapt my linguistics to a broader audience.  I worked on this so that I could reach more people with spirituality.  I knew that I had to make my work more relatable to the beginner. I even figured out how to teach yoga on Zoom! The extra time at home has also improved my cooking and cleaning skills. I make more art.

I watched a good friend become a tattoo artist from March to December of 2020, by undergoing a rigorous apprenticeship. It was beautiful to see her devotion to the craft, as she day after day, poured her focus and attention into long practice sessions. You can do the thing you have been dreaming of, once you make the first step, and then keep your practice rhythmically going.  When learning new skills it’s important to do your work on the good days and the challenging days. Do it for the sake of consistency, because repetition is the mother of skill.

Keep a positive mindset

Everything is vibration. The iphone in our hand is made of atoms that are moving quickly, at a particular speed. The oscillation of these atoms creates a specific frequency.  All matter in the universe has it’s frequency.  Like that a human manages their vibratory frequency by understanding two energies, that exist on poles, that are scaled.  The embodiment of Love, is the optimal frequency for a human and will lead to great health, and draw natures abundance to you.  When we vibrate at Fear, we are in a catabolic, inflamed state, where we are literally breaking down our bodies.  Wisdom is to remove fear from the body and walk alongside it, so it can motivate positive action. To be in love is to channel the energy of a God.  The practices of yoga, meditation, shamanism and strength training are doorways to love.

Welcome the indigenous ways into a new future

It would be unwise to take life back, 3000 years into the past. Our blessed modern world offers surgery, antibiotics, warm homes, space travel, instant messaging, and efficient means of transportation. However, our sight has been cut off as a cost of advancing so quickly. We erroneously forget that we are a part of nature, and not separate from her.  Our ancestors built the pyramids, saw the Fibonacci sequence, knew the healing power of specific plants, understood the movement of the stars, and survived ice ages.  As we continue to construct new cities, find cures for common diseases, and travel to other planets, we can merge the hyper-modern with the indigenous way of seeing all life as sacred.  It is important to understand that the soil should be refreshed, and that water is to be kept clean for future generations. Our ancestors were wise and their knowledge can help us regain a healthy balance with nature.

Be in Love

We are all in a continual process and not one of us is perfect. The energy of love is an important guiding light. Love is a skill and a feeling. Forgiving one another and repairing relationships is the ever so valuable skill side of that equation. I choose to be in the company of people who are happy with themselves or working to be happier. Being loving is a feeling. Be around people who do their best to make whatever is happening work for them, and the community. The key to 2021 is understanding that we are an extended family. Cooperation starts by bringing your personal best to your negotiations with others. 

United we stand.

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