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On Episode 34 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast, I speak with Mahryah Shain, CEO of More Hair Naturally, a company that offers all-natural solutions for hair loss using probiotics, amino acids, and peptide complexes. Mahryah has been with the company since 2003 and has helped revolutionize the hair industry with their unique blend of nature and science. The conversation focuses on the causes of hair loss, how to treat it with all-natural products and stem cells, and how taking care of overall health can improve self-confidence.

Mahryah shares the story behind the founding of More Hair Naturally and his personal struggle with hair loss and his desire for an all-natural solution. The company's products address common causes of hair loss, including genetics, hormonal changes, stress, and medical conditions, by using natural ingredients that nourish and support hair growth. More Hair Naturally products contain a proprietary blend of amino acids and peptide complexes that stimulate hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

Mahryah and I also discuss the use of stem cells in hair regrowth. This technology has shown great results in clinical studies and is an exciting advancement in the field.

Finally, Mahryah emphasizes the importance of taking care of overall health for both hair health and self-confidence. A healthy diet, exercise, and stress-management techniques can all contribute to healthier hair and greater self-esteem.

Mahryah's expertise and passion for natural solutions to hair loss make for an informative and engaging conversation. More Hair Naturally's commitment to improving self-confidence through healthy hair is inspiring, and their use of cutting-edge technology shows great promise for those looking for effective and natural solutions to hair loss.

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