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On Episode 66 I talk about being a good man and take a shot at defining a solid man. The key to mature masculinity is to come into balance, instead of extreme expression of the masculine virtues of: strength, honor, courage, mastery and positive aggression. This episode is 16 minutes long, and gives a concise update to an evolving masculinity that fits the times.

All men in the NYC area are invited to join The Walk for Men's Health,  which I'm doing in collaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital. The walk is 1.58 miles long. We will meet at 5th Ave and 100th St, in Manhattan at 4:45pm for a 5pm start time, on Wednesday June 26th.  After the walk, Mount Sinai Hospital will be offering PSA screening to raise awareness of prostate health.

Please show up, and spread the word to raise awareness of Men's Health! It's a beautiful thing to see Men supporting one another.

After the walk, I'll be leading a mindfulness practice and a share lead a wonderfully accessible series of stretches to limber up, post exercise!

All are welcome.

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