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This week's show is called “Celebrating 48 years of life.”

As I approach the milestone of 50, I wanted to share some life lessons that I've gleaned from life, so far. This episode will be particularly useful to those around ages 35 – 50 because I discuss a the mind we make as we mature psychologically. If we have been practicing consistently, there are things we can clean and release from the mind, as we experience a personal growth and insights from our experience of moving through time. 

On this episode I discuss:

  • The Joys of Turning 48
  • The Challenges of Turning 48
  • The Opportunities of Turning 48
  • The Rewards of Turning 48
  • Growing Into an Elder, (50)
  • The Celebration of Turning 48, or, How I spent the day.

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May it bring You Insight!


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