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Welcome to the podcast everyone! This week's show is called “Celebrating 48 years of life.” As I approach the milestone […]
Welcome to the show friends! On this episode I share 10 tips that can help you with mastery of the […]
Welcome to the podcast everyone! On This episode I will discuss 4 aspects to running in my 40's that include: […]
Hey Everyone, Today's show is all about The Art of Energy Management.  I will share 8 tips that you can […]
The spiritual practice of non-attachment is a key concept in many Eastern spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and […]
Hey Everybody! Welcome to The Art of Aging Mindfully podcast. Today's episode is all about the wisdom of The Grand […]
Hey Everybody, Welcome to the podcast. Today’s Show is all about developing a spiritual practice that you can lean on.  […]
I was an occasional yogi before my full on commitment to daily practice, so I relate really well to those […]
Have you ever wanted to be more mindful, flexible, and balanced? A regular yoga practice  is an excellent way to […]
Hello Friends, Welcome to the podcast! Episode 22 is a 20 minute practice of Yoga Nidra, where you simply lay […]