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Welcome to the Pod everyone! Episode 65 is all about the groundbreaking yoga tv show I made in 2012 called […]
On Episode 64 of The Art of Aging Mindfully, I share a valuable lesson I learned in my late 20's […]
On Episode 63 of The Art of Aging Mindfully, I reflect on turning 49 years old and share 7 lessons […]
On episode 62 of the podcast I share the mechanics of my seasonal mind-body cleanse, which I do four times […]
Episode 61 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast is all about the importance of having spiritual teachers who light […]
In Episode 60 of “The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast,” we delve into how different durations of yoga practice can […]
Welcome to the Podcast Everyone! On episode 59 I share one of my favorite verses from all of the ancient […]
In episode 58 of “The Art of Aging Mindfully,” we dive deep into the ancient wisdom of Yoga Sutra 1.12, […]
Welcome to The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast Everyone! On Episode 57 I share four empowering quotes and provide commentary […]
As we age, our bodies and minds evolve, necessitating a shift in how we approach our health and wellness routines. […]