Trailblazing Affiliates

We are thrilled to announce that Art of Aging Mindfully has joined forces with three trailblazing companies in the longevity industry: Whoop, Viome, and Acorn Biolabs. Our shared mission is to enhance your life’s journey, not just by adding years to your life but adding life to your years. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in delivering tools and insights that support a healthier, longer life.

Whoop, Viome, and Acorn Biolabs are leading innovators in their respective fields, each dedicated to harnessing the latest scientific advancements to boost human longevity and well-being.

Acorn Biolabs is on the frontline of cellular aging research, pioneering new ways to store and analyze your cells to offer valuable insights into your health and longevity potential.

Acorn Biolabs offers our community a discounted fee ($945) on the initial procedure that harnesses your own stem cells, plus one free year of cell banking.

Click below to join TAOAM Acorn Biolabs Waitlist for Stem Cell Harvesting:

Whoop puts a cutting-edge health and fitness tracking system right on your wrist, empowering you to optimize your daily routines and understand your body like never before. 

Whoop offers a free device and a first free month of service for The Art of Aging Mindfully Community. 

Viome unlocks the secrets of your unique microbiome, offering personalized dietary advice based on advanced analysis of your gut health.

Viome offers members of The Art of Aging Mindfully $110 off each kit that they sell.

Enter discount code ARTOFAGING to receive $110 off your Viome kit.

Together, we’re excited to deliver tools and resources designed to help you age mindfully and live your longest, healthiest life.

Unleash your potential NOW: Live longer, Live brighter!