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On this episode of the show, called “Adventures in Awakening” I provide a personal share about my continuing experience of higher consciousness through the years. I map 11 life experiences in my personal chronology, where spirit and insight shone. These events brought more and more devotion to the spiritual path.

A spiritual awakening is radical and changes one’s worldview. It is literally a fork in the road, where how you respond to life’s challenges, has a tremendous influence on the rest of your journey.

Time Stamps:

5:28 – The Four Agreements

15:45 Start of the Story

Here is the map of the story I tell:

Awakening 1: Puberty and Sports giving me Self Confidence

Awakening 2: College Graduation and choosing to follow my own path — heavily influenced by Mikay Chizkzentshmay

Awakening 3: Age 27, Death of my Brother

Awakening 4: Age 29, Jivamukti Yoga School, and finding peace

Awakening 5: Age 30, Ayahuasca and “The Shaman”

Awakening 6: Age 32 to the present, Study of Sanskrit Texts, and their profound ideas

Awakening 7: Age 37, Losing in Love, and realizing I had to be independent of women, in order to realize myself as a whole. I had to stand alone and be independent of a partner while maintaining my happiness.

Awakening 8: Age 39, A serious brush with disease and death — Leishmaniasis

Awakening 9: Age 43, Losing the mastery of my body — Great humility came to my mind, as rebuilding takes years and years.

Awakening 10:  Age 44, Covid 19 Pandemic, realizing a lot about human nature, and exposing my true character

Awakening 11: Now, Realizing my potential as a partner, in mature loving.

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