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Have you ever wondered about reincarnation, your coming death, or the meaning of life?

Have you ever pondered the eternal question: Who am I?

If so you'll really dig this episode where I read one of the sacred texts of India, called the “Katha Upanishad.”

This is the story of a young boy, a brahmin, who gets the chance to have three wishes granted by the lord of death, named Yama.

The Boy, Nachiketas, asks Yama, in his third wish, to reveal the secrets of what happens to us when we die.

This is a story packed with universal wisdom, about the different paths we can take in life. It is a Vedantic teaching, steeped in a wisdom that transcends time, and which can be used to soothe a busy, fragmented mind. 

The text can be listened to as a meditation, a yoga nidra, or even as a bedtime story.

The reading of the text begins at: 27:20

The Intro is extremely useful and has some great backstory that can help open one's imagination for the text. However, skip to the actual poem, if you wish to interpret teaching for yourself. 

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