On episode 62 of the podcast I share the mechanics of my seasonal mind-body cleanse, which I do four times per year, at the turn of each season.
I felt the Spring Vibes of March,  wore a t-shirt yesterday while hiking in the forest, and I feel Spring coming – so I rode the wave and cleaned my clock with psychedelics and a three day fast.

Listeners can peer into my personal process and then decided to try their own unique structured experiments that can support their own personal development.

Psychedelics and Fasting are not appropriate for everyone, and can lead to negative outcomes for some of us.  Thorough medical screening and clearance are suggested before engaging in both practices. One must also have a strong mindset, and a safe physical setting for engaging in these practices.

Enjoy my personal share on episode 62 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast.  

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