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This week I spoke with long time yoga teacher Michael Stein.

It's a beautiful conversation between two yoga dudes that love and respect the practice of yoga. Michael shares his valuable experience with adapting the yoga and conditioning practices to fit life's second half.  At 55, Michael still maintains a rigorous and beautiful practice, while training differently than he did at at 25.

Listeners will gain valuable insights on how to train and feel inspired to do their own “structured experiments,” which help us to find our own unique path and way.

I was delighted to find many parallels between our work, as Michael and I spoke. We both teach yoga, both lift, both enjoy cardio, are both massage therapists, both love the Upper West Side of Manhattan, both live in the Hudson Valley of New York,  and we focus on teaching older folks.

Michael is on IG at yoga_flashcards
You can reach out to him about his upcoming Senior Yoga Teacher Training Program (which can be done in person or digitally) scheduled for 2.24.24

Thanks Michael for your generosity!!!

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