Episode 55 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast is all about moving beyond dogmatic approaches to health.

On This show I share my personal evolution in my approach to yoga practice and nutrition. 

I was challenged and inspired by Master Iyengar who said “5 breaths is not enough for me to explore the asana and learn about it’s full expression.” 

“Dogma” refers to a set of principles or beliefs that are accepted without question, often as part of a particular ideology, religion, or system of thought. In a broader sense, dogma represents a rigid and uncompromising adherence to established beliefs, even in the face of contradictory evidence or alternative viewpoints. It can limit critical thinking and stifle open-mindedness.

Ways I have adjusted my yoga practice:

  1. I still train daily, 6/7 days are really structured, where one day is long, and the next is short. This alternates between “hard and soft days.”
  2. I have incorporated Iyengar Yoga Method, Strength Training and Running into my training, to complement Ashtanga Yoga Method. On my short vinyasa days, I use props and do some static stretching and postures outside of vinyasa
  3. I have added muscle to my body and am making tradeoffs with asanas I can afford to part with, in exchange for the extra size. 

I focus on yogic behavior code and ethics more than on the physical aspects of yoga. I I ask myself “Am I becoming a better person?”

How I’ve become less dogmatic about eating:

  • 1. I Focus on Whole Foods and Nutrient Density 
  • 2. I Eat Moderate Portions 
  • 3. I Listen to my body: I Eat when I’m  hungry and stop when I’m satisfied. This intuitive approach to eating can help you build a healthier relationship with food.
  • 4. Evidence-Based Choices: Make dietary choices based on scientific evidence and individual needs. HIGH PROTEIN vs. LOW Protein debate. I follow the VIOME RECOMMENDATIONS. 

Enjoy and share this episode!

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