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On Episode 53 of The Art of Aging Mindfully Podcast I share 12 concepts that wove into our shared experience called 2023. It has been one big giant adventure with amazing and memorable punctuations to our journey.      

1.We become what we do, and we do what we think.  It's great to reflect on what our actions are adding up towards, and to be mindful of our thoughts

2.Health begins and ends in the gut

3.Congruence leads to peace and satisfaction (Congruence with one's values)

4.The longevity training plan is more defined with solid data to back up the methodical principles of training

5.Community equals mental health

6.Alcohol has zero physical benefits, and one should be strategic if one chooses to use it in. the second half of life

7.Spiritual practices should be done in the morning, wake up face yourself first, then face the world

8.War is outdated, the public rises past pr campaigns, propaganda, and know that every story has two sides

9.Technology has the potential to save us, and bring wellness to all, improving overall life, globally

10.We are, each one of us, totally totally connected

11.Doing one hard thing per year, keeps you honest for all of the other days of  the year

12.We must each balance self improvement with self acceptance.

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