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Episode 31 is all about “Aging Mindfully with The Philosophy of Vedanta.”

Vedanta philosophy is a spiritual tradition originating from ancient India that emphasizes the oneness of all beings and the ultimate reality of existence. It teaches that the true nature of the self is pure consciousness, which is beyond the limitations of the body and mind.

As we age, we become more aware of the impermanence of life and the inevitability of death. Vedanta philosophy offers a way to approach this stage of life with mindfulness and acceptance, allowing us to find meaning and purpose in our later years.

On this show I talk about how Vedanta Philosophy helps us to live better lives. I discuss: 

  • The Role of Vedantic Self-Reflection in Dropping Negative Tendencies
  • The Practice of Vedantic Meditation for Increasing Peace of Mind as we Age
  • The Importance of Service in Vedanta Philosophy
  • The Power of Gratitude in Aging Mindfully
  • I offer a Concluding Meditation at the end of my talk, on : Embracing Aging with Vedanta Philosophy

To skip right to the meditation practice go to: 44:03


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