In October of 2013, I lived for 28 days, deep inside the Amazon Jungle, to study shamanism with my Teacher.  I committed to drinking master plants of the jungle, under the Shaman’s guidance, while living in total solitude.

This is the story of the most adventurous trip I have ever had and a life-defining moment. It is about the power of the jungle to teach, heal and inspire us to live our best life.

There is a little bit about Ayahuasca, but not a ton, because that is the subject for another show/chapter. Ayahuasca is deeply personal for me and will be shared at another moment. Instead, I talk about the power of my teacher, and the depth of my curiosity to know about the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. I wanted to EXPERIENCE the teachings of yoga and to know directly, the meanings of the greatest Vedic Mantras.

My thirst for knowledge was quenched, and gave me a lot of downloads, which would take years and years to integrate into my “normal life.”

The Story begins at 2:30, but since the intro is short, I’d listen to this from beginning to end, as I do hang an important frame around the conversation, that sort of answers the WHY question.  Why in the world would someone willingly endure so much hardship, to attain Self Knowledge?

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