I remember as a kid, how all of the sci-fi movies were set in 2020.  Films like blade runner, placed us in a hyperreality of touch screens, self driving cars, radical biotechnology, virtual reality, augmented reality, and an evolved artificial intelligence. Well welcome to tomorrow, we have arrived on time, right into a sped-up world, where the rate of change is only accelerating. This is a period in history where the ape that stood up gets to redefine what it is to be “human”.  We are unlocking the secrets to our own genome, as we look deeply inside of our own cells. We are also looking into interplanetary colonization, as we peer further into outer space. We are beings that can now design our own babies and grow them outside of the female body. This ape is also on the verge of moving away from using oil and discovering limitless free energy for everyone. 

Simultaneous to this positive pull is the equal and negative charge that exists on our planet in totalitarianism, the battle for clean water and fresh air, global surveillance, and border wars between nations. 

We are, as a species at a crucial point where the decisions we make now, will impact our species forever.  We will literally die, or evolve into the next generation of human or protohuman. Remember, not too long ago, sapiens existed together at the same time as many other species, who simply did not make the evolutionary call to adapt. For some weird reason sapiens persisted (perhaps because of the way we used language) into what we are now, while the Denisovians, Neanderthals, and others perished.  Boiling it down to it’s essence, our situation on this planet is: Evolve or become dust. 

Our evolution is first and foremost a lift in Consciousness

We are stunted by the shortcomings of our parents, who tried their best to raise us.  Valiant effort aside, our parents were imperfect. The ways in which our parents hurt us, has left imprints deep within the subconscious mind, which call for repetition, because they occurred when we were learning how to code the world around us. This is why some of us are filled with rage, while others feel insecure and that we are not ever good enough. Some of us move through the world as bullies, others as cowards, some submissive to a fault, while others have suicidal thoughts. When we begin to face these patterns head on with psychological work, meditation, daily self- care practices, and spiritual reflection, we can let go of the weight of the past. We are no longer a slave, when we choose to express peace over our anger.  When we transcend the patterns of our childhood, we are free to embody compassion, and cooperate from a heart centered place with others to solve our planet’s problems at the local and global level. We are not bound by the past. Spiritual practices are aimed at purifying our deepest pains and traumas, and can completely reform one’s personality.  

Cooperation trumps Competition

Competition has served the ape that stood up, to bring the best genes into the future.   We are here, as a hyperintelligent species that has discovered quantum computing and artificial intelligence. We have literally transcended the capacity of our own brain. AI, combined with Quantum computing can solve our problems with the environment, energy, and government. The steam engine transcended what we could do with muscle, our bodies; now we are literally limitless. We are becoming a fifth dimensional being. The way to do this is to relax the old program of competing with others, externally, and compete with ourselves to establish our mind in the spiritual reality.  When we touch the truth of our spirit, we experience the oneness of being. Cooperation will naturally be higher than competition, in our value hierarchy, if we do our own inner work. Cooperation saves the human race. Hyper competitiveness destroys the human race, and all the psychopaths who run the earth as one large business, get to fly into outer space and seed other planets in the way they see fit. 

Be in Love

Be in love with yourself, the universe, the eternal teachings, the gifts of modern technology, the earth for providing food, the sun for providing light, the birds for singing, but for goodness sake get over romantic love. There is no one out there that “completes you”. Walk to the bathroom mirror, splash some cold water on your face, take a good look at yourself and realize that it’s you. You have been waiting for yourself. You are whole now, you are full of all the resources you need to succeed. Confidence is your birthright because you are a soul, not just a body.  Unless you realize this, you have no love to give to another human being. You are like a beggar on the street, without a penny, yet wishing to donate to a great charity. Without realizing self love you are empty, you are a shell, you will always lack, you will be an easy victim for a sociopath. 2020 will not tolerate your lack of love. You will get used and abused if you are looking for someone or something outside of yourself to fill you up. When we know our true nature we are naturally in a state of love, a state of wholeness. 

Develop and stick to a daily morning mindfulness practice

Focus on the first 30 and the last 30, as in minutes of the day.  How you start the day will set the tone for how you respond to the events that unfurl on your commute, at work, rest, play and everything in between.  How you end your day will determine the quality of rest, and how much energy you harness for life’s adventures. The paths are infinite, and all go to the same place. Personally I like meditation and breathwork for focusing, but any conscious activity can help you tune your mind to a powerful frequency.  Simple things like conscious cooking, a morning run, a walking meditation and visualizations all work well. An experienced spiritual teacher that inspires your trust, can also light your path with their experience and recommendations. Just do your work, and do it consistently, privately, and with reverence.  Positive rituals make the mind very stable.

On the spiritual path, be sure to align with folks who are heading in the same direction. 2020 is all about vibration. If you are not in love you will be in pain. It’s obvious. Like attracts like, it’s a fundamental law of chemistry. When we do inner work, our vibration becomes pure, more powerful, and in turn we attract others who are on the same page.  Choose your company wisely; it will make you or break you. 

Enjoy the year of “Clear Vision”.  

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